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Ruth A. Popham

Ruth, born in North Dakota, was the youngest of five children. Her father was killed in a farm accident when she was quite young, and her mother raised the children in Fargo. Ruth learned to sew and often made her own clothes. She attended North Dakota State University before transferring to Colorado State University where she met Harold. During World War II, Harold was sent to California for air training. Ruth followed him and worked at Consolidated Aircraft assembling B-24 Bombers.

Their fifty-five years together as husband and wife began June 13, 1942. After Harold’s combat flying days were over, they settled in Seattle, Washington. As an airline pilot for United, Harold took advantage of the travel benefits and traveled often with his young wife. For their 25th anniversary Harold and Ruth took a trip around the world. Ruth loved to travel. Their favorite places being New Zealand and Hawaii.Here was a beautiful young woman and handsome young man full of life and love for each other enjoying the world they lived in.

Their world changed with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Without family in Seattle, the decision was made to move to Salem where Ruth’s sister lived. As well as having family support close by, Harold also found someone to stand by him-the Alzheimer’s Association, Mid Willamette Chapter (Now the Alzheimer’s Network of Oregon). With the help of Barbara Nelson, Cinda Conroyd and Walt Batliner, Harold and Ruth became enveloped in a web of caring, supportive, resourceful people that fought the disease by their side. Providing warmth, support and solutions to a cruel and heartbreaking situation that struck a lovely, gracious lady full of life.

Through support groups, health and legal resources and strong friendships, Harold and Ruth were able to navigate through the rough waters of late stage Alzheimer’s disease, Harold wanted to show his appreciation to the Chapter and his love for Ruth. He says “…I’m sure Ruth would approve of what I am doing. She was a grand, wonderful person, and I loved her very much.”

Harold Popham has turned his fondest hope into a reality. The Ruth A. Popham Memorial Library was created in honor of a special lady who’s fifteen year battle with Alzheimer’s disease was fought bravely with her husband by her side.

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