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Help Support Our Walk 4 Alzheimer’s by Donating to Our Walk Shoe Campaign


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This year we are collecting donations towards our Walk 4 Alzheimer’s event via our Walk Shoes Campaign. If you would like to contribute to the Walk, then please visit these local businesses who are featuring our Walk Shoes. For a $1 or more donation, you will receive a Shoe to write why you walk.

“I Walk For…” examples: In memory of… In honor of… To support those with Alzheimer’s, etc. Why do you support our Walk?
All Walk Shoes will be collected at the end of the campaign and displayed at our Walk 4 Alzheimer’s on Saturday Sept. 9th at the Riverfront Park.

Local Businesses Featuring our Walk Shoes:
Business List Coming Soon!

*Donation sites only accept cash or checks for Walk Shoe donations

Would your business like to participate in our Walk Shoe Campaign and help support the Walk 4 Alzheimer’s event?
Then please contact:
Delanie Berrell

Alzheimer's Network
PO Box 13725
Salem, OR 97309

Phone: (503) 364-8100

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